Championing Farmer Led Water Conservation

Benefitting 2.1 Million people from 6 States

Water Conservation program launched in 1999 aims to increase rain water storage capacity, improve groundwater table and irrigation facilities through desiltation of minor irrigation tanks, construction of farm ponds, borewell recharges and other activities while actively contributing to environmental conservation.

In order to help mitigate the agrarian distress caused due to scarcity of water, we have been restoring minor irrigation tanks by desilting them and increasing their storage capacities to a great extent. We are proud to be one of the pioneers in Tank desiltation activity inspiring the renowned ‘Mission Kakatiya’ scheme of the Telangana State government.

Several hundred thousands of farmland has been applied with excavated nutrient rich silt which greatly enriched the soil and provided great gains to the farmers in the form of increased moisture retention capacity resulting in reduced number of irrigations, increased yeild, elimination of chemical fertilizers, decreased input costs and high profits. We have been able to help farmers engage in sustainable farming without any loss to their financial gains.

In the wake of several flood and drought like situations having a devastating effect on vast urban populations due to gross mismanagement of urban water bodies, we have initiated the restoration and beautification of these water bodies. We are actively involving the communities in restoration efforts and turning them into clean, green and scenic spots which are fully capable of conserving water and absorbing any risks arising due to natural calamities.








Urban Water
Bodies Restored






Tank Desiltation


Improving rainwater storage capacity through desiltation of 775+ minor irrigation tanks

Farm Ponds

National Trainings

Encouraging farmers to harvest water through the construction of 1800+ farm ponds

Urban Water Bodies

International Trainings

Improving storage capacity of water bodies to mitigate flood and drought through restoring 10+ urban water bodies

Check Dams

Check Dams

Recharging groundwater tables through construction of 10+ check dams

Borewells Recharge

Borewell Recharges

Replenishing groundwater table through recharging 175+ boreBala Vikasalls

Percolation Tanks

International Trainings

Improving groundwater levels and water access to communities through construction and renovation of 12 percolation tanks

Soak Pits

Soak Pits

Treating wastewater and recharging groundwater through constructing 31000+soak pits