Treating grey water, recharging groundwater

Grey water from households is disposed of into water bodies, open drains or streets in rural areas leading to surface water contamination and increased water borne diseases.

In an attempt to find a simple and adaptable solution for grey water management and with a belief that wastewater management is integral to holistic community development, Bala Vikasa initiated the soak pits construction activity in rural areas.

Bala Vikasa has motivated and helped families belonging to 129 Model Communities that are building in Telangana, construct 31,735 magic soak pits through effective utilization of MGNREGS funds betBala Vikasaen 2016 - 2018. In addition to that, Bala Vikasa have also helped about 200 government schools manage their wastewater through soak pits.


Soak Pits

Program Impact

Communities are now enjoying improved access to clean water through increased groundwater levels and are actively contributing to water conservation.