Improving rainwater preservation

One of the most effective ways to address water scarcity especially for irrigation purposes is to store rainwater. As it runs-off into the streams with minimum percolation into water, the groundwater table is depleted drastically. Communities depending on the rainwater preservation, especially small and marginal farmers are deeply affected with no means to preserve rainwater or improve the storage capacities of existing water storing structures

Identifying the need to improve the groundwater table and provide easy access to water to communities, Bala Vikasa is constructing percolation tanks and renovating old percolation tanks in rural areas of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka with its expertise in restoration of minor irrigation tanks and urban water bodies.


Percolation Tanks


States Covered


Districts Covered



Program Impact

Hundreds of people benefit from recharged groundwater tables and improved access to water for agricultural and household purposes.
Communities have improved livelihood opportunities, especially farmers and fishermen.