Improving Access to Water Agrarian Purposes

India is at the 13th position on a list of countries classified to be in extreme water stress. Its renewable internal freshwater resources per capita have declined more than 60% over the past 50 years.

Farmers are the largest consumers of freshwater resources, and are the worst affected by this upsetting trend. Depleting water resources are resulting in crop failures that ultimately threaten food security.

Bala Vikasa is implementing Mission Jala Vikasa, a high-impact Water Conservation program in the state of Telangana championed by farmers to address the growing water stress. Through the initiative farmers are encouraged and motivated to construct farm ponds for better water access and high quality yield of their crops.

Mission Jala Vikasa is reviving the rural lifeline, restoring balance, strengthening the agricultural ecosystem and injecting hope into the lives of thousands of small and marginal farmers.


Farm Ponds






Thousands of farmers, motivated and supported by Bala Vikasa, are taking the lead in constructing farm ponds as part of this initiative. The impact of the initiative on agricultural productivity, livelihood, revenue, sustainability and the environment at large is ensuring their continued engagement and patronage.