Empowering rural poor women socially, intellectually, politically and financially

Transforming women, transforming communities

Women are a vital part of the Indian economy forming about one third of the national labour force. Indian women are known to take more responsibility for the household, contribute more towards family maintenance and have strong inclination towards savings and for the growth and prosperity of their families. This has immediate ramifications on the members of the family with respect to education, meeting healthcare needs and overall financial security. However, gender ideologies and socio-cultural restrictions have denied a large number of women a chance at realizing their full potential and becoming equal participants in the socio-economic development of the country.

Bala Vikasa’s field coordinators approach the villages upon the request of the local women and introduce the Women Integrated Development (WID) program. After talking to the village heads and women leaders, meetings will be held to bring together all the women from the community and explain to them the crux of the WID program, the impact witnessed in other villages and how it would benefit the women and their communities. Motivated women who believe that there is much to gain from the program and all its activities will join as members.

These women are formed into groups of 10-12 and field coordinators are assigned a cluster of groups with whom they work continuously throughout the year on several aspects.To fulfill the program’s main agenda to enhance and strengthen the capacities of rural poor women, women are capacitated on several issues like leadership, health and hygiene, education, gender equality, environment preservation, social issues and development needs through a series of capacity building sessions and monthly meetings Enlightened women are encouraged to address and solve the various problems plaguing their communities.

Moreover, women’s groups also assume an active role in confronting social evils like domestic violence, dowry harassment and alcohol abuse and are actively involved in solving community disputes. The formation of women’s groups and Self Help Associations brings in a refreshing sense of unity, strength and positive spirit to push forward.


Rural Poor Women






Micro Credit




Orphan Solidarity Program

orphan Solidarity Program

Our women beneficiaries, mostly daily wagers, are preventing orphans from going into child labor by supporting them financially, academically and giving them the love of their parents.

Old & Destitute

Old And Destitute Program

Women members pool in their savings and raise funds to buy groceries, clothes and bedsheets for the utterly poor aged with no children of their own and no energy to work, no savings, and begging to survive.


Thousands of women were empowered to rise above the cultural, social and economic biases and build themselves to be strong, independent and confident women who are able to participate in the process of development on par with men at all levels. Rural poor women are now leading discussions on community development initiatives at grassroots level.

Women Empowerment