Empowered Women Care And Share With The Old And The Destitute

For over 15 years, Bala Vikasa has been reaching out to the aged, the abandoned and the weak. As part of their social responsibility, Bala Vikasa has encouraged the women members to offer their assistance to old and destitute. Consequently, the women are taking care of the needy with in their communities. Women members themselves contribute in cash and kind to give out provisions like rice, dal, oil and soap to the identified persons.

Women members pool in their savings and raise funds to buy groceries, clothes and bedsheets for the utterly poor aged with no children of their own and no energy to work, no savings, and begging to survive.

964 elderly persons are currently under the care of Bala Vikasa. One woman helper per one elderly person was arranged to keep an eye on their health, help them receive pensions and take them to the doctor when needed. Thus the poor are taking care of the poorest.




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Many senior citizens who have been abandoned are now being taken care of and all their needs are being met.