Transforming marginalized rural communities to model communities

Ensuring holistic development of communities

Rural India, where 70% of the country’s population lives, is still far from accessing basic amenities, quality education, decent work, specialty healthcare, adequate financing or responsive governance. Illiteracy, subsistence economy and a weak social and political consciousness prevent the rural communities to put up a collective effort towards development and in claiming their rightful entitlements.

Over the past 25 years, Bala Vikasa has been striving to change and bring about sustainable rural development that is led by conscientized individuals and communities who have a passionate commitment towards transforming their way of life. Believing that grassroots mobilization, participation and leadership are the key to solving these micro level problems, Bala Vikasa has been in the business of invigorating, capacitating and assisting rural communities to take up leadership in securing their socio-economic development.

With its unique Community Driven Development approach employing the time-tested Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) methodology, Bala Vikasa is moving in the direction of building Model Communities with 3600 development, where all members enjoy basic human rights and dignity. The model communities’ initiative aims to produce villages that are outstanding in education, sanitation, health, food security, income generation, women’s rights and participation, environmental protection and blessed with leadership, management, accounting, and technical skills


Model Villages
Being Built


Village Development






Community members became true stakeholders in the social transformation of their communities. Model communities began performing well on metrics related to standard of living and a significant improvement was seen in healthcare, hygiene and sanitation, good enough to win the laurels from the government.