Providing Cattle Management facilities for small farmers

Enhancing livelihood opportunities

Cattle rearing is one of the most preferred livelihood activities in India, especially among small and marginal farmers. However, many of them could not pursue it as an additional income source as maintaining cattle is becoming a challenge not just for individual households but also for the community.

Addressing this, Bala Vikasa initiated the Community Dairy Hostel project in partnership with the Telangana State Government and CSR partners to create a centralized place for community cattle rearing, arrest animal wastage, create a hygienic environment and subsidize the burden of cattle rearing and provide more livelihood opportunities for dairy farmers.

The Dairy Hostel is built to offer high-quality integrated services that provide the best facilities to about 200+ cattle, best tools of management to cattle owners and many other value additions to benefit from.

With community participation, contribution and regular capacity building of committees in administration and management of dairy farms, Bala Vikasa is ensuring the sustainability of the project while providing livelihood opportunities to small and marginal farmers.


Dairy Hostels






Hundreds of small and marginal farmers are benefited by housing nearly 2000 cattle in the Community Dairy Hostels in Siddipet.