Providing Chilled Purified Water to Urban Commuters

@2 Rupees Per Litre

Bala Vikasa took its determination and experience to provide clean drinking water one-step further by innovating and developing a one-of-its-kind waterdispensing kiosk that supplied purified and chilled drinking water at the drop of a coin.

These ‘Sujal ATW’ kiosks supply 1 Litre of chilled water for a meagre Rs. 2; where as other commercially packaged drinking water sells for Rs. 20 a Litre.

Poor daily wage laborers, autorikshaw drivers, hawkers and small-scale vendors benefitted the most, as they didn’t have to shell out any money for drinking water. ATW Cards were taken by many who used the kiosks regularly for their water needs. Extending its work, these kiosks employed People With Disabilities as operators in an effort towards providing employment opportunity and building an inclusive society.


Sujal ATW Kiosks


Disabled Persons Employed





Program Impact

Setting up these kiosks at prominent junctions along the road proved to be a deal breaker as several thousands of commuters quenched their thirst during the scorching summer months. This unique initiative drew appreciation from all quarters of the society as it made safe drinking water accessible and affordable to one and all.