Providing Access to Clean Drinking Water

Safe Water Close To Home

Bore wells and Hand pumps are used primarily by rural India for accessing water. Most of these are not situated across the terrain but are put up at the center of a big village. The people living on the edges of the village or in the surrounding hamlets have to walk all the way to fetch water every single day. Besides, several of these have dried up or cannot cater anymore to a growing population. This leads to several conflicts among the users.

Bala Vikasa has been implementing Bore wells with manually operated hand pumps project for the past 27 years and has supported rural communities of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states with more than 6500 wells to ensure a continuous supply of potable water to over 1.2 million people. These really came to the rescue of the people who could redeem their time and energy and invest in something more productive. Sopar, Frank Water, Novara and SFC, have supported greatly in the execution of this project.






Operating in

Program Impact

Providing continuous access to potable water locally helped save time and energy of the community members especially for girls and women for productive things. They also helped in improving the public health besides keeping the peace and harmony in the communities.